Monday, April 14, 2014

Every Life Has a Story

Planning video production for a client at work today, I watched this video.  And I have to share it because it is just that good.

Happy Monday.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I've been thinking I should update events from March, but to be honest, March kinda stunk. Kyle was busy finishing his last module, I was so sick for basically 2 weeks, and Kyle started studying for boards.

Quote that sums up the month of march for me:

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

Kyle finished class on March 21st (yay for being done with school!) and has been board studying non-stop.  Less than 3 more weeks of the mad studying and this guy will be done with school forever.

He starts hospital rotations May 5th!  Let's just say.... we're both pretty excited for May 5th.  Is it May yet?!

Not to be too negative nancy....

I did break out black beauty (aka my awesome road bike) and take her on a couple of long bike rides, did enjoy some warm weather days and long runs in the sun, started working out/having an appetite again, signed up for a duathlon on Saturday (gotta keep busy while Kyle is MIA), and finished the lame month/began April with some much needed General Conference (thank you Elder Uchtdorf).

Oh and also, we had a pretty fun girls night at Divergent.  I read the book and I thought the movie was really good.  I love these girls from church and our bachelor/monday night girls nights! So grateful for their friendships.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love day and a race

February happenings...

Mom and Brandon came over on Valentine's Day and we all went to dinner at The Fish Market. Saturday night Kyle and I celebrated together at the Melting Pot.  We also watched the Olympics almost every night.  So inspiring!  Oh and did y'all know I have a distant cousin who was competing on the USA Luge team? You might recognize her. Or at least beyonce does. 

Feb also means Mercedes Marathon weekend here in Birmingham.  It's tradition now.  And an awesome one if you ask me.  I love my bham running friends and races.

We also got more snow!  It was SO pretty.  It started snowing around 6pm, dumped for a solid hr-two, and then was just beautiful for about 16 hours before it all melted and was 60 degrees again.


We also got to see Greg, Brenda and Mitchell to and from their trip to Utah, and met yaya and grandpa for dinner at the Summit last weekend.

Here's to March! Which I'm betting will even be a better month than Feb! It's 65 and sunny today, so we're already off to a good start.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lilo's birth-versary

In Jan we decided to celebrate Lilo's birthday/2-year anniversary of joining our little family.  We took her to bruster's for a doggie sundae.  she looooooves some ice cream.

This little dog was no doubt a huge blessing that came to us right before some of the toughest times. She brought us light during Kyle's treatments (even if it was only a short visit) and still brings us so much happiness.  I've loved dogs, but this one is special because she's ours.

I'm so grateful for her and the happiness and joy she brings, and the endless love she has.

I love this dog and have been extra grateful for her lately.  So Lilo, this post is for you and so we will always remember you.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

swan lake & a baby blessing

I wasn't sure I would make it to Utah when my flight was cancelled Thursday night, but I opted to fly out fri night and just make the best out of the 48 hr trip.  And it was worth every second of it.... 

Saturday morning was our cousin Chelsea's bridal shower.  

these girls!!!!

I can't get enough of her
 Then we headed to BYU to watch Kaley perform in Swan Lake.  She was the black swan and stole the show. Beautiful, strong, and flawless, this girl did amazing!

Sunday was baby Cameron's blessing day.  This baby is such a sweet sweet boy.  I could just stare at him alllll day long.  Move to GA already please!

Yes I steal him every chance I get.  Love these sisters of mine SO MUCH!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


While Orlando was fun, getting home was a nightmare.  On Monday night we saw the forecast for Tuesday- 30% chance of snow flurries, less than 1" accumulation.  And we all know what happens most of the time the south predicts snow..... nothing. 

Well if you've watched the news and seen what hit atlanta 2 weeks ago, that's what hit Birmingham too.  Snowpocalypse 2014.  It hit, froze quickly, and suddenly turned everything into an ice rink.  People were abondoning cars, kids stuck at schools overnight, and the city completely shut down.

So you can guess what happened to our flight.  Cancelled on Tues.  And on Wed? Cancelled.  We finally got back to town Thursday.

It was a travel adventure nightmare.  All bc of 1-2 inches of accumulation that was totally miscalculated by the weather people.

Our infamous meteorologist in town, James Spann, sure took a beating on social media.  Here's his response to the chaos:

"In terms of human impact, yesterday's forecast 'bust' was the most significant for me since January 1982, when we had a timing error of about six hours on the arrival of freezing rain and snow. Instead of starting at 5:00 p.m... it started around 11:00 a.m. People were caught off guard, schools and businesses closed, and the result was traffic gridlock, abandoned cars, separated families, and human suffering. Very much like yesterday, so I have been down this road before. The main difference is that I was a young man of 26 years old in 1982. With the experience and maturity that should come with a long tenure in my position, you would think that kind of error would not happen again, but, it did."

We had a great time in Orlando.... until Tuesday.  Then the Marriott Courtyard by the airport got a little old(Side note: when our 1st flight was cancelled, we found a room at a gross, smelly old Holiday Inn and made the executive decision to pay $40 more to move to the courtyard.  Good thing, bc that's where we spent the next 48 hours.)

car-less, hangry and tired walking to our 3rd hotel for the week

Memories, oh the memories.

And if you can believe it, we're under another winter watch today and tomorrow and expecting ice/sleet.  You can bet everyone is going nuts and we all left work at 2pm.

Spring, it's time for you to show up.  This alabama winter has been brutal.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orlando trip

Kyle was accepted to attend a conference for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons in Orlando.  He was 1 of 20 medical students across the country, so it was quite an honor.  I figured I would tag along bc hello, it's Orlando, FL and I do love to travel.  Actually, I should change that to "loved," but that's another story for another post.

The conference ran Sat-Tuesday.  We enjoyed the sunshine and pool, and while Kyle attended the presentations/events I relaxed, worked out, shopped, etc.  The coolest part was definitely Monday night when they rented out Harry Potter World at Universal's Islands of Adventures theme park.  I've been dying to see it, and it was amazing!  Even more amazing that we had the entire place to ourselves.  We rode the rides a million times, drank free butter beer, and toured all of the shops.

Taking a break to let their stomachs settle
I liked the butter beer!

Oh just picking out my wand

Two exciting things to note about this trip:
1- Elder Nelson was there to be honored as part of the 50th anniversary and one of the founding members. Pretty sweet huh?  Kyle tried so hard to get up and talk to him, but he was out of there before the meeting ended.  It's not like he's a busy guy or anything...
2- Kyle rode his first roller coaster.  boom baby!  Besides getting a little nauseated after the 2nd time around, he admitted it was fun.  I'm coming to terms that I'm going to be the only parent riding the big roller coasters with our kids one day.  I've got the tough stomach of the pair.